The General Practitioners’ Union in Britain has announced the ineffectiveness of medicines to calm coughs. Dr. Tim Ballard, vice-president of this union, proposes to let the immune system defend itself in case of cough caused by a viral infection.

According to him, the drugs do not reduce the duration of the disease and the remedies of grandmother (honey and lemon) are as effective and cheaper than antitussives.

Only in case of high fever, spitting of blood or shortness of breath, Dr. Ballard advises to consult a doctor.

Chocolate, grapefruit and herbal teas fight cough

Grapefruit: Chinese medicine considers this citrus fruit as the cough medicine par excellence because it dissolves mucus and moistens the lungs. Consume it regularly to relieve your cough. Do not forget tomato and lychees. These acidic fruits are beneficial also in case of coughs.

Dark chocolate: British researchers recommend eating dark chocolate to calm coughs. This food is rich in theobromine with antitussive effects. Indulge yourself and chew dark chocolate. Your cough will be quickly calmed.

Herbal teas: Thyme, wild pansy or marshmallow infusion are effective in relieving coughing.

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