Some people do not give enough importance to their oral health, which can cause serious disorders such as infections, mouth sores, loosening, loss of teeth and gum sensitivity. All of this can interfere with your ability to chew or stop you from smiling.

Regular brushing is essential to avoid such problems. However, there is a natural trick that will allow you to whiten your teeth, protect them from tartar and prevent cavities.

Contrary to what one may think, the color of the teeth does not depend only on the hygiene and the brushing. It is genetically determined and can be affected by the person’s diet. Indeed, some foods or drinks can make teeth yellow, this is the case of tea, coffee or cigarette.

In addition, enamel is designed to protect teeth from acid attacks caused by food. Despite the brushing, over time, the enamel wears out, becomes transparent and undergoes several microcracks. Stains and debris accumulate on these microcracks and are not easy to remove.

Some foods are good for your health and strengthen the immune system but destroy the enamel over time. For lovers of natural products, there is a solution that will allow you to protect and improve your oral health. Indeed, several studies have shown that licorice root has properties that can whiten teeth and prevent them from developing cavities. The liquorice stick also removes stains that accumulate in the microcracks of the enamel.

Licorice is a very effective anti-inflammatory, it has the ability to relieve inflammation that can affect the gums, and is effective against canker sores. According to the scientists, licorice root contains in total more than four hundred chemical constituents, including flavonoids. These are very effective antioxidants that can protect teeth from cavities. Indeed, a study from the University of Los Angeles has proven that this compound neutralizes the bacteria responsible for caries.

Do not hesitate to buy some! Licorice Root has a sweet, sweet taste that will help you clean and protect your teeth in a natural and effective way.

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