Charcoal made from human poop made by Kenyan company

A financial specialist has set up a plant in Naivasha town that transforms human and farming waste into charcoal.

The CEO and prime supporter Andrew Foote said the plant, worked with Sanivation Company, has the limit of creating 150 tons of charcoal a month.

“We are right now gathering human waste from 600 homes at a charge of Sh600 and this is the thing that we are blending with the horticulture waste to create the charcoal briquettes,” he said.

Foote was talking at the opening of the plant yesterday.

He said the new innovation will help lessen looseness of the bowels cases, essentially around casual settlements.

“This is the main venture its kind in the district and our goal is to associate around one million homes in five years to this innovation,” Foote said.

The provincial government says the issue of strong waste administration is a test, with more than 12,000 individuals living without toilets.

Nakuru province general wellbeing Samuel King’ori applauded the new innovation, saying it will help diminish sanitation-related sicknesses.

He said the province loses Sh972 million every year to sanitation-related maladies.

“Effectively, more than 500 towns have been pronounced [open] defecation free under the group drove add up to sanitation extend,” King’ori said.

District chief of condition Timothy Mureithi said the utilization of kindling will drop.

“Plans are in progress for an open district association as far as waste administration, which has been a test to numerous nations,” he said.

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