Bryan Fuller finishes making the Triple Speed reverse leaning trike for OTC from a Triumph Speed Triple. Watch as his team performs final assembly and gets the trike out on the road, leaning through curves at up to 43 degrees.

The idea came from a partnership deal with OTC Tools, a division of Bosch.The bike is being built as a promotional device to raise awareness of the lesser-known motorcycle-tool manufacturer, OTC Tools.

This isn’t your traditional trike either. The leaning suspension gives it sport bike characteristics while the third wheel helps with stability over rough terrain without being bulky and cumbersome..

Brakes, suspension and steering components will be upgraded to accommodate for the leaning front suspension.The Triple Speed concept will provide the best of both worlds. It will be agile, nimble and perform like a traditional two-wheeled sport bike, with the added stability of a three-wheeled trike.

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