Condoms are an existence sparing bit of tech, and for being minimal more than uninflated latex inflatables, they carry out their occupation really well on the off chance that you wear them. That is the part that Bill Gates is dealing with. No, he’s not going around as a small time condom-police armed force, yet he is putting forth $100,000 to any individual who can make a condom to a lesser extent a bummer to wear.

The cash is being offered by the Gates Foundation by method for the Grand Challenges in Global Health Program, and is up for gets by “anybody – understudies, researchers or business visionaries” who can enhance the well established second-skin tech. What’s more, in the event that you required any sharp thoughts to kick you off, the Gates establishment “has you secured” in a manner of speaking:

In any case, for the most part constrain fields. I believe we’re all searching for compel field condoms here. Or, on the other hand possibly something with graphene? I don’t have any acquaintance with, you make sense of it.

Doors has effectively tossed an entire group of money at building a superior can, it isn’t so much that astounding that something like condoms may be next on the rundown. Be that as it may, with any good fortune, the reward can start some executioner advancement, and afterward you’ll have Bill Gates to thank whenever you get laid. What an excite.

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