Artist/Youtuber Bobby Duke Arts made these mini Deadpool katanas from a couple of thrift store screwdrivers. “Yes, I really did make these from two regular screwdrivers I got from the pawn shop.”/Bobby Duke Arts

I tried hardening and tempering them this time, which should mean the blades will stay sharp longer. Also, the colors that I added were just sharpie coated with flat lacquer to seal it in.

Despite weighing only couple of grams and being around 71mm long, these miniature katanas have a fully functioning highly polished razor sharp blade and is very cheap to build.

The Deadpool katanas are a fun project to make.Deadpool is a master swordsman who frequently uses katana blades in combat.Deadpool swords are essentially a paired set of dual wielded Katana mounted on the back of this eccentric and somewhat unusual Marvel universe character.

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