A water pump that does not require any fuel or electricity to be operated. Runs at zero operating cost and doesn’t emit any greenhouse gas.The Barsha Pump is the first type of hydro-powered pump developed by aQysta.It is a water wheel propelled pump that utilizes the energy from the flow of rivers and canals to pump water without requiring any fuel or electricity to be operated.

It works on the principle of spiral pumping, using the kinetic energy of the waterwheel to pump water to higher elevations without the need for active mechanical parts to create pumping action. The pump consists of spirals where air is compressed between water columns resulting in air pressure that lifts the water.

The current version with 1.5m in diameter is able to lift up to 20 metres vertical head and 2 km inland in flat lands, while reaching up to 40,000 liters of water per day, depending on the flow velocity of the water.

Depending upon the soil, crop, climatic conditions and irrigation technique, one Barsha Pump can irrigate up to 2 hectares of land. Although optional, it is recommended to use the Barsha Pump in integration with the storage system and efficient water distribution techniques such as sprinkler system, drip system, mister etc. as it helps irrigate larger area with one Barsha Pump.

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