Apple may launch iPhone folding soon


It has become clear to everyone that folding phones are the future in relation to the smartphone market, especially as they have become more mature this year than last year, with the launch of The Motorola Razer 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 from Samsung which intends to launch another cheaper version. Apparently, Apple intends to launch a folding iPhone as well.

According to a new report, Apple has ordered a number of folding screens from Samsung for the experiment, with Korean being one of the leading companies in terms of OLED folding screens.

According to sources, Apple will use these screens to test a prototype of the iPhone folding, although this is not the first time that Apple has ordered this type of screen, as reports in 2019 said it had asked Samsung to deliver some samples of these screens.

Our understanding of this is that Apple is in the advanced stages of developing a folding iPhone and may appear any time soon. But what we don’t know yet is the design that Apple intends to rely on, whether it will be like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone that turns into a tablet, or like the Z Flip that looks like a Motorola phone.

Other reports claim that the folding iPhone will have two separate screens with detailed in the middle, as in microsoft Surface Duo’s Android phone.

In any case, we don’t expect Apple to launch the folding iPhone this year – the iPhone 12 – and perhaps the closest is fall 2021.

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