With a lifestyle that is as fast and stressful as ours, and an increasingly unhealthy, low-nutrient diet, it’s quite normal for our health, and especially our bones, to be impacted and to be constantly on the move. end of strength and lack of energy. In this article, we will reveal the recipe for an amazing remedy from Japan, which is known for its tonic effect and its ability to overcome bone demineralization!

It is true that current technological advances have simplified our lives in many ways, but they have nevertheless had a very negative effect on the quality of our food. Most people in the world consume a large amount of processed and industrial foods with very low or no nutritional value. Moreover, vitamin and mineral deficiencies have become commonplace and cause more and more health problems, including fatigue, lack of concentration, demineralization of bones, joint pain, etc. To remedy this, many people turn to food supplements and supplements sold in pharmacies.

In what follows, you will find the recipe of an old Japanese remedy that will allow you to strengthen your skeleton, to benefit from a sustainable energy supply, and to fight against certain diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis and even depression .

The Japanese remedy tonic and remineralizing:


1 medium bio egg

The juice of a fresh lemon

Some water


Start by rinsing your egg to remove any dirt that may stick to its shell, then place it all in a glass, making sure that the space between the walls of the glass and the egg is quite small. Once your egg is in place, pour over the lemon juice that should cover the egg completely, then leave overnight. The next morning, remove the egg and drink the lemon juice, on an empty stomach.

For best results, it is advisable to break the egg in the lemon juice and mix well before consuming. If the taste is strong, you can dilute the mixture in a glass of warm water.

For children, it is advisable to give only a third or a quarter of the lemon juice only.


This remedy is to be taken in the form of a cure of two to three weeks, to renew once or twice a year.

Caution :

People who suffer from citrus allergies, kidney or biliary diseases, and heartburn or stomach ulcers should avoid consuming lemon.

How does this remedy work?

The secret of this remedy lies in the benefits of its ingredients as well as in the reaction that takes place between them. The eggshell is very rich in minerals, such as phosphorus, zinc, copper and especially calcium. Moreover, 3 g of eggshell (or a teaspoon) can provide the recommended daily intake of an adult in this mineral that regulates blood pressure and blood cholesterol and prevents osteoporosis. As for lemon juice, it is rich in vitamins (A, B, C and E), minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, copper …) and antioxidants (limonoids), which allows it to improve digestion, to boost the immune system, and to promote the burning of fat. In addition, lemon is also known for its energetic effect, detoxifying and soothing joint pain.

When these two ingredients are combined, the egg triggers a stimulating energetic phenomenon that increases the remineralizing and nutritional power of lemon juice, while the latter dissolves the eggshell and extracts calcium and elements. alkalis that help reduce the level of acidity in the body, which impacts the health of bones and joints. Thus, by drinking this remedy, you bring to your body a good dose of vitamins, calcium and other minerals, which ensure its proper functioning, overcome its deficiencies, increase the density of its bones and provide a sustainable energy source .

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