8 great discoveries of 2017 and that will change life in the future


2018 will be loaded with new products thanks to the technological discoveries of 2017. The following are 7 discoveries of the year that ended that will be able to change the technology that we use in this 2018:

1. Teleportation

For example, it was possible to achieve teleportation … of subatomic properties. Sadly that does not mean that humans can teleport, but something is something. Chinese scientists managed to teleport properties of light particles known as photons, from Earth to space, which could improve communications.

2. Plastic bellies

Six lamb fetuses were placed in special containers with fluid, which replicate maternal bellies. The lambs were in the equivalent of 23 human weeks and came to term. This discovery could be applied to premature babies in the future.

3. 100% effective contraceptives

You’ve probably heard of Vasalgel, a contraceptive developed in France. This is a product for men. The drug was efficient in 100% of the cases, completely blocking the sperm in the monkeys in which it was tested. Therefore, researchers hope to start testing with humans in 2018.

4. Robots teaching other robots

We are getting closer and closer to the universe I, Robot . The cyborg “Atlas” of Boston Dynamics can make a jump with a return to back. In addition, robots teach other robots new skills, which has been understood by many as “robocalĂ­psis”.

5. Recyclable rockets

SpaceX created a recyclable rocket that can be used many times. Elon Musk reported that they have carried out at least 20 successful launches and landings in 2017. Normally the propeller is the most expensive part of the rocket, which costs around 18 million dollars.

6. Humans in pigs

Scientists from the Salk Institute revealed that they are getting closer and closer to growing humans inside pigs. They were able to grow human cells inside pig embryos for the first time, which could help to study diseases, develop medicines, and even donate organs.

7. Water from the air

Researchers from MIT and Berkeley created a device that can get water from the air. The device that works with solar energy was able to extract water in 12 hours in an area with 20% -30% humidity. This could be a major discovery for underdeveloped areas that need clean water.

8. “Earth” planets

Scientists discovered seven planets the size of Earth in the constellation of Aquarius, which could be habitable. Researchers hope to know within a decade whether or not there is life. If there is one, maybe one day we will have to say the phrase: “We come in peace”.

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