We often mistakenly believe that diabetics are the only ones affected by the amount of sugars they consume and the diet they must resort to. However, in general, an excess of sugar is harmful for health.

Indeed, excessive consumption of sugar has an impact on the entire body and this is particularly visible through these 7 signs!

The 7 signs of excess sugar


  • Tired


A high consumption of sugar can significantly reduce energy levels, which is why we are constantly tired. Although sweet products increase energy, this sensation is only temporary. Indeed, once the sugar level is down, the fatigue will be even more intense.


  • cravings


If you constantly feel cravings for sugar, this may be a sign of an excess of sugar in your diet but also an addiction to it. Note that sugar causes greater dependence than hard drugs like cocaine according to various research. So, if you can not go without treats, sodas and sweet products, you may be addicted!


  • Frequent illnesses


Excessive consumption of sugar weakens the immune system. As a result, our body’s ability to fight diseases such as colds or flu is significantly reduced. Thus, repetitive conditions can be caused by excessive consumption of sugar.


  • Lack of concentration


A vicious circle occurs in the case of a high consumption of sugar, it is the one of the glycemia which increases then falls quickly and which then causes a need of sugar. Except that it impacts the cerebral capacities as well as the concentration.


  • Taste buds


A disorder in the taste buds may be the consequence of an excess of sugar. Indeed, as sugar tolerance increases, the body needs more and more sugar additions to feel the taste. Therefore, if you do not reduce your sugar intake, you will no longer appreciate it and it will be difficult to stop.


  • Skin problems


Sugar has an inflammatory effect on the body, which is why it can affect the skin. Therefore, eczema, excessive dryness or acne can indicate high sugar consumption. In addition, a New York podiatrist, Dr. Green, says that the sugar has an inflammatory effect on the feet and causes a plantar fasciitis which is illustrated by acute pain in the heel and the sole of the foot.


  • Weight gain


This is surely one of the most obvious proofs, weight gain. Indeed, a daily excess of sugar is usually an excess of calories because the sugar does not contain protein, fiber or vital nutrients to the body. In addition, most foods already contain natural sugar. In addition, sugar triggers the release of insulin, which is a hormone that plays a vital role in body weight. However, an excess of sugar can lead to insulin resistance and therefore weight gain.

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